1 in 3 have a hidden history
1 in 7 are insurance write-offs
What could your car
be hiding?

Free Car Checks from AutoDig

Dig the dirt on any UK vehicleAutoDig provides the most comprehensive free vehicle history information for used car buyers in the UK. By providing this service we are attempting to reduce the fraud that is unfortunately rife in the second hand car market, and make the car buying process more transparent for the less experienced motorist. In a nutshell, we want to make your used car buying experiences easier and safer. We also provide a range of tips for buying used cars, explanations for various industry-specific terms and other advice that will be useful to both buyers and sellers.

The Numbers Do Not Lie

The consensus between companies offering vehicle checking services is that around a third of all cars that are checked show some form of adverse history, often undisclosed by the seller. This hidden background could involve any number of possible problems with the car, from outstanding finance being owed, to mileage clocking, being previously written-off by an insurer, or even being taken without consent. If you are unprepared as a buyer, it may take a lot of work on your part to glean any of these facts for yourself. And the main problem is that the majority of this information is not readily available to the general public.

AutoDig provides a service that has been tailor made to meet the needs of both owners of vehicles who are curious about the background of their motor, and also those who are intending to buy a used car, and need more information to validate their purchase. By simply entering the number plate of the vehicle in question into the form at the top of every page, you will be able to find out a number of important points about the car, to help you with any decisions you have to make. Whilst our data cannot cover every vehicle aspect or situational outcome, it is available to you 24/7, completely free of charge.

We firmly believe that our services are both informative and easy to use, and we are constantly on the lookout to find new sources of information to include in our tools. Thanks for stopping by the website, and we hope we can be of help to you!

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